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From design to build to fun!

Choosing Gib-San as your builder is different because, we put you, the client, first. We have a holistic approach to management, culture and backyard design. The Gib-San design team has refined a process that makes your experience both enjoyable and memorable.

Our team has so much passion for the work we do and we thoroughly enjoy the uniqueness of each backyard. Gib-San has been working with homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area for 50 years. We build pools that not only fit your lifestyle, needs, budget and vision, but also provide you with quality, value and beauty. We provide our clients peace of mind knowing they have purchased a quality product from a company that will be here to support and service for the years to come.

The Gib-San Process

Gib-San prides itself for its depth of professional resources to take your vision and turn it into a spectacular pool and landscape creation. The Gib-San process starts with an On-site Client Meeting. One of our Design Consultants works with you to establish an understanding of your needs, vision and budget. Next is the Design Process where they discuss your vision and conceptually bring it to life in a detailed plan. Our Designers are skilled at interpreting and capturing your vision into a design plan.

Based on their vast experience, they can shed light on features and materials that will compliment your home to complete the space in a strategic manner. A Plan Presentation meeting is best conducted in one of our Creation Centre’s.  At this time, samples of materials may be reviewed and pictures of design features will provide a comprehensive understanding of the final plan. This is the basis of the Selection Process at which time we will work together to finalize the design and materials.

After the design is solidified, the plan is then refined by our internal Design Team that prepares it for the Construction Process. A Project Manager will be assigned to your project and be responsible for your project until completion. They will be your one point of contact for the duration of the project to answer any questions you might have from timing to design features. They will be there to support you every step of the project to provide clarity, trust and results.

Concrete or Vinyl Construction Options

Choosing a pool construction category is an exciting time. Whether it is, concrete or vinyl, our team can outline the features and benefits of each. Both options are constructed with the Gib-San difference in quality. It is our priority to collaboratively determine the best option for you. Our team carefully considers, site conditions, budget, as well as the backyard vision to achieve and exceed your expectations.

Pool Shape & Key Features

Determining a pool shape is the next decision after deciding on the type of pool … concrete or vinyl. There are hundreds of pools shown in the Photo Gallery to help you determine what you like and what will work with your backyard and home setting. Pool shape is personal preference, however; our designers may provide you with insight on shapes after visiting your property to see the home architecture and backyard space.


For Gib-San to custom design a pool for you we need to understand your interests, lifestyle, and yard limitations. Will it be a formal or natural pool, a rectangular or free-form shape? What type of entry steps? Will it have a waterfall, fountains a feature wall? All these features impact the shape and sense of formality of the pool.

Custom Concrete Pools

The design possibilities of concrete pools are infinite – with a wide range of features from uniquely shaped steps and tanning ledges to spas, vanishing edges, fountains, beach entries and even islands. In-floor cleaning systems, ozone and UV sanitation as well as special lighting features are becoming more and more popular.

A concrete pool is also an excellent investment for your home. It adds intrinsic value with its beauty, but also historically it has been proven to add value simply by the relative rising replacement value of building custom concrete over the years. Concrete is more expensive than vinyl due to the materials required as well as durability and design features. Estate homes opt most often for concrete pools considered more in keeping with higher estate architectural standards.
A concrete pool is built by shooting a specially formulated concrete mixture under a high velocity over a web of structural steel bars. It is the commonly accepted standard of pneumatic applied concrete used in most major construction from bridges, tunnels, high rise buildings to swimming pools. It is premixed to verify specific requirements at a sophisticated batch plant prior to application to yield the correct PSI. Engineers agree and certify the greatest yield of strength in concrete is achieved when pneumatically applied concrete is sourced from a batch plant. Gib-San has been applying shotcrete for than 50 years and the results speak for themselves. 

A commonly asked question by many of our clients has been what is, “Gunite”? In simple terms, Gunite is a dry mix whereby it is hand batched on the site and water is added at the nozzle. Gunite application has been generally abandoned within our industry due to many variables but primarily the inability to have batch quality control. The most widely used application for concrete swimming pools is Shotcrete.

Concrete Pool Interior Finish

Once a concrete shell has been installed it will then need to be finished. Our team recommends a Pebble Tec interior finish for concrete pools. Known as The World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes®, PTI is the top choice for pool lovers seeking a unique, personalized pool experience designed to enhance outdoor living spaces. Our superior products are inspired by nature. We enhance the look, feel and ambiance of backyards and living spaces with naturally tumbled stones and premium pebbles from around the world. It is much more durable than the plaster or marble finishes that required more frequent refinishing.

Choose from 48 different colours in 4 distinct finishes, all with a durable finish, brighter colours and more strength that other finishes. Pebble Fina, Pebble Sheen, Pebble Tec and Pebble Brilliance. Choose from the following natural colours you can select for your pool.


Custom Vinyl Pools

Gib-San Vinyl pools are built with quality steel wall kits manufactured for durability and years of service. Design flexibility has advanced significantly the last couple of decades to allow for custom and creative pool shapes. They are custom fitted with liners that retain an even vinyl thickness throughout the pool for long lasting performance and beauty. You have the option of insulating the walls to lessen heat loss while also providing a softer wall feel.


High quality installation standards. Gib-San customizes these vinyl pools with the same professional approach to building concrete pools. The plumbing and foundation work standards are similar to that used on concrete pools’

Numerous features – From easy-entry steps to sunning ledges to cantilevered rock coping to waterfalls to in-pool lighting and seating areas with massage jets, the design elements available customize the process. Look for some beautiful inspiration in the Photo Gallery – Vinyl Pools

Choose a pool shape – Technology has advanced to making it possible to make vinyl pools almost any shape. Review the selection shown in the “Photo Gallery – Vinyl Pools” for ideas. But if you don’t see what you are after, chances are we can still do it.

Select liner patterns and colours – Click here to view the wide selection of liner patterns.