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Planning a pool involves consideration of all future usage for the backyard environment and consideration of a budget so the plan can be developed with this in mind. Some features can only be done during the initial build whereas others are possible in a second phase. Here are some frequently asked questions about the process.

The decision regarding the pool size and shape will be influenced by several external elements such as:

  • the backyard dimensions
  • the views surrounding the backyard
  • the family’s lifestyle needs regarding swimming and entertaining
  • landscape style and features
  • the architecture of the house, structural features
  • by-law standards

Our experienced sales staff and design team will help you decide, first by getting your input to many of these issues and pointing out the pros and cons of different pool designs, and then by giving you a design proposal.

When designing a pool into a backyard, the existing slopes and their directions have to be considered. The drainage (natural water flow) must be addressed in the landscape design and followed through in construction. The steeper the slope, the more it opens another dimensional field to work with; the vertical field. Some of our most successful designs have been incorporating the pool into a steep slope using landscape features such as steps and retaining structures.

The owner or a representative is responsible for the coordination of the pool integration with the yard landscaping and any other construction surrounding the pool. Gib-San offers their clients this total “Project management” option, whereby we are your designated representative, coordinating the complete project of pool, landscaping and other custom features required. When you have us manage your project, you have one point of contact which provides a turnkey approach to a custom backyard oasis. If you’d prefer, you can coordinate the various trades, making sure the work and timing of one trade is compatible with the work and timing of others.

Budgeting for a pool environment is somewhat like shopping for a car. There are different model categories at significantly different price points. The price varies by the quality category as well as the features and options built in. Similarly custom pools are endless in possibilities, both from visual as well as performance and maintenance features that can be built in. So first of all you need to determine what budget category is appropriate for you financially and for the residence from an investment point of view. Then develop a wish list for the pool, the patio setting, and property landscaping. There will be some landscaping challenges to be met as foundation work in some cases will impact the budget. The budget will evolve from the various project components, and obviously the wish list has to be in relation to the determined budget category. So in summary, the budget is arrived at by a combination of “top down” (ie: budget category level) and “bottom up” (cost of each wish list segment) determination.

Yes, most plans can be done in phases. It is always a good idea to invest in a good overall plan, and then if you cannot do it all at once work towards the plan in logical phases. Planning it this way ensures the end result will have a uniformity of materials. For example, some buried work should be done before landscaping to prevent having to disturb work that has already been done. We can best advise you on the logistics of phase planning.

After our initial meeting to discuss your ideas, the Gib-San representative can quote you on the design charge. The fee will vary from depending on whether we are building just the pool or planning a total back yard pool and landscape creation. It will also vary in proportion to the complexity of the customization of pool and landscape features. The plan may be two phases, the first being design concept and the second being a detailed working plan. Contract specifics will be determined prior to the design stage.

At Gib-San we provide you with extensive information on this website both about our company and the quality and creativity of pools we build so you have the confidence to appreciate the value we bring to both the design and the ultimate creation of your pool and landscape creation.

Design Planning Checklist

You can use the attached checklist and graph sketching paper to make notes and check off what you like as you review the gallery. 

Click here to download a Design Planning Checklist. [PDF – 186KB]

Whether you are looking at a new pool or renovating an existing one, the following information will make you more aware of the available options, features, and “technical toys” available.

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