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Gib-San is committed to helping you enjoy your backyard resort more with sparkling water in your pool and hot tub. We have the chemicals and advice you need and a wide selection of accessories from floating mats to toys and towels to help you enjoy your home more.

New Gib-San Water Care Products

The water sample bottle details the
chemical category colour legend.

We are pleased to introduce our new Gib-San brand of water care products for swimming pools and hot tubs. We have always carried the best quality of chemicals and this tradition continues.  This Gib-San Heritage Quality is supported by our fifty years of experience servicing pools and gives us the confidence to put our name on them.

We are committed to giving you Gentler Water and Simplified Water Care! Our skin is our largest organ so it is important that your pool and hot tub water be gentle. Balanced water gentleness requires both high-quality chemicals and proper application.  We will advise you on what water maintenance products are best for your specific pool or hot tub and how to apply them. To simplify the water care process we use different colored flowers on our packages to color-code categories and also use obvious descriptors instead of obscure product names so you know what they do.

As a society, we spend billions on cosmetic skin care chemicals and yet often don’t pay attention to the quality of chemicals for our pool or hot tub water. We immerse ourselves in the pool and hot tub water for extended periods of time. Selecting the Gib-San quality water care program that will achieve gentler water makes good sense for the wellness of you and your family.  

Click here for a brief overview of what the most common chemicals are for.

See tips on winterizing your pool. (video)
Learn about the role Shock plays in pool maintenance. (video)

Water treatment of your pool or hot tub can be simple. Once a program for your pool or hot tub is established, you just need to follow its weekly regime. Using test strips you can test the water yourself every week, or more frequent in hot, rainy or heavy use times. It is a good idea to have us do a more detailed test once a month or if experiencing a persistent clarity problem.  Register in-store for our FREE Water Test Program and get FREE professional advice too!

RELAX … Let pool cleaners do your dirty work!

Consider the options…

  • Robotic Cleaners are powered via a low-voltage cord that powers a scrubbing sweeping action that directs debris to a self-contained debris canister. This greatly reduces the amount of debris being put through the skimmer/filter system. More information…
  • Suction Cleaners are an alternative …  and an economical one at that.  They vacuum the debris up through a vacuum hose connected to the skimmer return line, taking advantage of the flow of return water to carry leaves and dirt to the pump basket for entrapment of larger pieces and then onto the filter for fine dirt removal. More information…

Things & “Blings” for more pool fun!

  • Relaxation mats & chairs
  • Exercise floats to add interest to your daily routine
  • Memories– Kids of all ages love diving games and toys to create lots of these
  • Things–Water goggles, towels and pretty much anything else for more pool fun.

The right tool does a better job

  • Safety hooks
  • Leaf traps
  • Poles & pole accessories
  • Skimmers & leaf rakes
  • Skimmer replacement baskets
  • Thermometers
  • Vacuum heads … and much more!

Safety Covers – safer & look better

While better safety is the key reason for a safety cover, greatly enhanced backyard appearance runs a close second. With the safety cover stretched taught across the pool, the leaves blow off and there are no more ducks landing in early spring thinking it is the marshlands. The winter safety cover is strong enough to support a child or large dog if they venture onto the pool cover. Plan it now while you are thinking of it for fall delivery.

Solar blankets & reels

Keep in your pool heat on cool nights with a solar blanket to reduce wind evaporation. A solar reel will make it easier to reel in and out and store the blanket better when not in use.

Pool Equipment & Parts


We stock replacement equipment for pools and Marquis hot tubs. Whether to fix a problem or to upgrade to new energy-efficient technology, chances are we have the equipment or part – from variable speed pumps to o-rings, skimmer baskets or filters for your pool or hot tub. Let us know what you need.


SAVE up to 90% on your hydro bill with an energy efficient Jandy VS FloPro Variable Speed Pump.

A variable speed pump doesn’t run at one speed all the time like old pool pumps.  It can be programmed to run not only just at the times you need it, but also at just the speeds required.   Not only will this dramatically reduce your power consumption by up to 90% but it will also dramatically reduce the noise from your pump by up to 70%. Your neighbors will love it as well. This pump easily retrofits most other pumps.

Now is the time to invest in this new technology … especially if you live in Toronto or Oakville, as these community hydro companies are offering an incentive to convert.

SAVE up to 90% on your pool pump’s hydro bill
PLUS … RECEIVE a $400* Instant Rebate*

* Rebate is a Hydro Poolsaver program to give the incentive to replace your old pump. Some conditions apply. Must be residents of Toronto or Oakville. Installation by Gib-San Pools

PLUS … Enjoy the quiet too!
Up to 70% quieter than a single speed pump
Why not start your SAVINGS today!


The JANDY JXi sets a new standard in pool and spa heating technology with its ultra-compact size, lightweight design, and installation flexibility. The 83% thermal efficiency rating and low-NOx design surpass strict DOE energy-efficiency requirements. Available in three BTU sizes, 200K, 260K, 399K, and offered in both natural and propane gas models. More information…


School is Out and Summer is Here!

After a wet and cool Spring, we are so excited to feel the temperatures rise and soak in this gorgeous sun!

Now that your pools are open, it is time to enjoy them fully. However, please remember that since your pool is a living, breathing body of water, it will require your regular attention throughout the season.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the task… we are here to HELP! Our entire Gib-San team is trained to assist you in all pool related challenges to ensure your water chemically balanced and sparkling clean!

Simply bring in a water sample and we will digitally analyze it to give you step by step instructions for easy water care maintenance. Our store also has a full range of pool equipment and pool cleaners if you would like to discuss upgrading your equipment for better energy efficiency. You would be amazed at the difference a new Variable Speed Pump can make to your pool – it will save you money on hydro and is whisper quiet!!!


As we head into the hazy, lazy days of summer… please take a moment to review all safety elements around the pool. Here are some quick tips:
  • Check all backyard fences and pool gates. All gates should close securely behind you.
  • Any door or window that leads to the pool should have additional locks that are not reachable to young children
  • Swimming lessons are a life skill for all children and adults alike. Enroll!
  • Never leave any child unattended in or by the pool
  • Ensure you have enough Personal Floatation Devices for children and guests
  • Don’t be shy about asking other adults to watch while the kids are in the pool.
  • Hire a Lifeguard when you have larger parties to ensure all swimmers are safe
  • Do not leave toys out on your pool deck when not in use
  • Inspect your pool daily to ensure there are no hazards
  • If your pool is cloudy and you cannot see the bottom – do not allow anyone to swim until clear
  • For more tips visit … Splash and be Safe Water Safety for Kids

On the FUN front… we have tons of great floaties, dive toys, goggles, games and loungers so everyone in the family can enjoy the pool!
We are OPEN 7 days a week – we look forward to seeing you soon!

p.s. Remember… Bring the Kids in on Fridays for Freezie Fridays!!

Happy Canada Day!

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Health & Wellness Benefits of Hot Tubs

Hot Tubbing has several wellness health benefits in addition to the fact that it gives a good reason to experience the great outdoors daily. The following are just a few of the wellness benefits:

  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances sleep
  • Relieves headaches
  • Aids respiratory health
  • Aids cardiovascular health
  • Relieves arthritis aches
  • Relies stiffness

Relief from these ailments help to cure Cabin Fever

We have a wide range of Marquis Hot Tubs to choose from and we will help you understand what features and size will best suit your lifestyle and budget. We even have “wet models” you can try.

And once you get one, we are open year-round to support you with advice and supplies to maintain it.
You can enjoy it even during snow storms, which can be a thrilling experience!

We look forward to you coming in for a “tour” of the features of different Marquis models. Come soon so you can book installation in time for the holidays.

Derrick Stricek
Store Manager

PS: Gib-San has been voted Etobicoke’s Best Pool & Hot Tub Centre for 21 consecutive years!


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From start to finish, Gib-San has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Every step of the way was handled professionally and punctual. Our end result was even more amazing than we had imagined and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a detail-oriented and friendly company!

Julia B

We were very impressed with GibSan. Would highly recommend this company. All the members of the Gibsan team were very respectful and professional. It was the hottest summer and our backyard has direct sunlight. The Gibsan team worked very hard everyday despite the incredibly hot working conditions. They arrived dressed in GibSan attire and they were friendly and always respectful. We absolutely love, love, love our new pool!!! We would highly recommend the GibSan team!!! Special thanks to John, Mario and his fantastic team!!!


Gib-San was terrific. They were very nice to work with, had great design ideas and finished the project on time. We love our new pool! Special thanks to John and Reggie. The whole team was great.

R. Borins

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