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Our Process

We choose to give a hand up to our community. Listed below are some examples of how our organization generously contributes time and funding to benefit the communities we serve. Creating a positive community impact is integral to how we do business. Gib-San is committed to making a difference.

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How Things Work

Our Process

Every Gib-San project is unique with different designs, layouts, and project wish-lists. Despite this, the pool construction process is similar project to project. Deploying a strategic sequence keeps our quality and project outcomes consistent. Scroll below to learn more about the steps involved in constructing a swimming pool.

Step 1: Alignment & Design

Step 2: Selections

Step 2: Permit

Step3: Site Prep

Step 4: Layout

Step 5: Excavation

Step 6: Form, Plumbing, Rebar

Step 7: Concrete

Step 8: Plumbing

Step 9: Tile

Step 10: Coping

Step 11: Decking

Step 12: Landscaping, Fencing, Inspection

Step 13: Plaster

Step 14: Fill with Water

Step 15: FIRST SWIM!