Cocktail Pool

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Cocktail Pool

Regardless of your backyard footprint, the pool size we see the greatest demand for in recent years, is in the 12×24 square footage. We like to call these types of pool designs, “cocktail pools”. These are smaller entertainment pools. This size swimming pool is perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day, hosting a lovely backyard function or reading a book while sitting on the pool steps. Cocktail pools ensure that the pool is part of the overall design, allocating space for other important enjoyment zones. Another benefit to a smaller swimming pool is less costs in concrete, tile, stone, water and chemicals!

This gorgeous custom concrete swimming pool is built with a light Pebble Technology interior finish and porcelain waterline tile. This project was constructed with a custom raised water feature wall. This water feature was perfect for the urban backyard setting as it has effectively reduced the surrounding city noise.


Cocktail Pool​

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