2024’s Top 10 Outdoor Living & Swimming Pool Trends

2024’s Top 10 Outdoor Living & Swimming Pool Trends

As prime swimming season approaches, outdoor living and pool design are set to take a leap forward, blending sustainability, technology, and style in innovative ways. Gib-San Pools is at the forefront of these trends, ensuring that every design not only meets contemporary aesthetics but also embeds functionality that enhances everyday life. Let’s dive into the top outdoor living and swimming pool trends that are defining summer 2024.

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1. Embracing Natural and Sustainable Landscaping

Close-up view of various plants and greenery next to a pool dining area.

Embracing natural and sustainable landscaping is a key trend in 2024, as homeowners prioritize environmental responsibility. Utilizing drought-tolerant plants and eco-friendly materials not only enhances the beauty of outdoor spaces but also aligns with the latest swimming pool trends, ensuring a greener and more sustainable approach to modern landscaping.

How to Get It: Choosing native plants and sustainable materials like local stone helps reduce environmental impact and maintenance needs. This approach not only supports the local ecosystem but also provides a lush, low-maintenance backdrop for your outdoor space.

How Gib-San Can Help: Gib-San’s expert landscaping designers select only the best natural elements when designing your backyard retreat. We work with you to bring your vision to life while incorporating the right kinds of greenery and stone.

2. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

The trend of blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors continues to grow. Imagine transitioning smoothly from your home’s interior to a stunning outdoor dining spot or a cozy sitting area, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying quiet family meals in the fresh air. 

How to Get It: Expansive glass doors that open up to connect the indoors with the outdoors, creating a seamless flow. Outdoor kitchens and dining areas amongst lush greenery blend an indoor-outdoor feel while extending your living space, making your backyard a true extension of your home.

How Gib-San Can Help: At Gib-San Pools, we specialize in incorporating functional outdoor living areas into our custom designs that extend the comfort of your indoor space while incorporating the beauty of natural elements.

3. Innovations in Pool Automation and Smart Technology

A backyard pool with a lake view in the background has its automatic pool cover covering half of the pool surface.

2024 is all about smart technology integration for ease and efficiency in pool maintenance. Smart technologies not only make pool upkeep a breeze but also ensure energy efficiency, aligning with the broader push toward sustainable living.

How to Get It: Remote-controlled systems for pool maintenance, including automated chemical treatments and cleaning, ensure your pool is always ready to enjoy. Energy-efficient pool covers and lighting systems controlled via smartphone apps highlight the convenience of modern technology in pool trends for 2024.

How Gib-San Can Help: Gib-San Pools leads the trend by incorporating automated solutions for lighting, temperature control, and even pool covers. 

4. The Allure of Freeform and Natural Pools

A rocky grotto with a waterfall is shown as part of a natural pool.

Natural pools, complete with integrated plantings and bio-filtration systems, offer a more holistic approach to pool design and function while also echoing the growing demand for environmentally conscious choices.

How to Get It: Freeform pools that mimic natural bodies of water, incorporating organic shapes and materials. These designs often include naturalistic features like rock waterfalls or sandy beaches, perfect for those seeking a more relaxed, nature-inspired aesthetic.

How Gib-San Can Help: Moving away from the traditional rectangular designs, Gib-San Pools can design custom, more organic, freeform pool shapes with features and materials that harmonize with the natural landscape.

5. Integrating Tranquil Water Features

Close-up view of a modern pool fountain, which consists of three columns of stacked concrete blocks with water flowing from the middle of each of the columns.

Water features like fountains, spas and waterfalls are key to the 2024 pool design trends, adding a visual spectacle and a calming ambiance to any outdoor space. 

How to Get It: Install aesthetic waterfalls, minimalist fountains or full spa areas that add visual and auditory tranquillity to your pool area. These features are not only beautiful but also help create a serene environment—just what you want for your outdoor retreat.

How Gib-San Can Help: At Gib-San Pools, we expertly design and install these key features, including attached spas. We understand that a well-placed water feature or spa spot can transform a simple pool into a serene experience and provide a tranquil escape from a bustling city or suburban life.

6. Warm Up with Fire Features

A large, round concrete basin is full of round rocks with flames coming from the centre of the basin as it seats near a concrete pool with a water fountain.

Incorporating chic fire pits or outdoor fireplaces that provide warmth and extend the usability of your outdoor space into the cooler months is a growing trend this year. Adding fire features not only enhances the ambiance of your backyard but also makes your outdoor area a year-round retreat.

How to Get It: Strategically placed fire pits that offer warmth and elegance, encouraging outdoor dining and socializing even in cooler weather. Outdoor gas fireplaces built into decorative walls for added ambiance and comfort.

How Gib-San Can Help: As the seasons turn cooler, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces become essential. These features not only extend the usability of outdoor spaces into the cooler months but also create a cozy atmosphere for gathering with friends and family. Gib-San Pools designs spaces that encourage warmth and conversation, making every outdoor moment memorable.

7. Timeless Designs with Neutral Colour Schemes

The backyard view of a luxury home made of brick and stucco where a custom concrete pool, water fountain and lounge area are visible, surrounded by greenery.

2024 sees a shift towards neutral and earthy colour palettes in outdoor décor. These timeless, sophisticated shades blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, enhancing the overall aesthetic without overpowering the senses.

How to Get It: Emphasizing swimming pool colour trends, such as neutral and earthy tones in pool liners and tiles, offers a timeless appeal that complements any outdoor decor. These colours provide a sophisticated foundation that enhances the natural beauty of your outdoor areas.

How Gib-San Can Help: Gib-San Pools ensures that every design element, from pool liners to tiles, adheres to this chic, understated aesthetic, keeping your pool area stylish for years to come.

8. Enhancing Ambiance with Strategic Outdoor Lighting

A natural looking pond with lilly pads, surrounded by grennery, is pictured amongst a garden area and Japanese-inspired lounging area and shed.

Proper lighting is crucial for both the ambiance and safety of outdoor spaces. A well-thought-out lighting design will not only improve how you use your outdoor space after dark but also ensure that you always do so safely.

How to Get It: Thoughtful placement of lights can transform the practicality and atmosphere of your pool area. From under-water LEDs to solar pathway lights, the right lighting can elevate the safety and beauty of your poolside environment.

How Gib-San Can Help: Gib-San Pools excels in incorporating effective lighting designs that highlight key features of your pool and landscape while ensuring functionality. From romantic string lights to practical pathway lighting, we cover all aspects to enhance your outdoor experience, night or day.

9. Luxurious Poolside Lounging and Cabanas

A large residential backyard with a pool in the centre and a series of loungers on either side is pictured along with an adjacent large stone cabana house.

No pool area is complete without a dedicated space for relaxation, but we’re not talking about your average deck chair. High-quality, visually rich weather-resistant furniture and stylish cabanas offer a perfect retreat right by your pool.

How to Get It: Design unique cabanas with all the comforts of an indoor living room, including top-quality, weather-resistant furniture that offers both relaxation and a touch of luxury by the water.

How Gib-San Can Help: Whether you want space for sunbathing or a cabana for entertaining or storage, Gib-San’s design of your outdoor space incorporates it all, ensuring comfort, function and aesthetics are never compromised.

10. Incorporating Fitness and Wellness

A small swim spa is pictured indoors.

As keeping fit and staying healthy are priorities for many, outdoor elements that encourage a healthy lifestyle while providing a convenient way to exercise in the privacy and comfort of your own backyard will be a growing swimming pool trend in 2024.

How to Get It: Adding features like lap pools or designated swim lanes tailored for exercise, or creating tranquil spots for yoga and meditation near the poolside, integrates wellness directly into your daily routine.

How Gib-San Can Help: Recognizing the growing focus on health and wellness, Gib-San Pools can integrate features like yoga decks, swim lanes and compact workout areas into our custom designs. 

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Create Your Dream Outdoor Retreat with Gib-San Pools

As we look ahead to the exciting outdoor living and swimming pool trends of 2024, remember that the perfect outdoor space is a blend of style, functionality, and personal touch. Whether you’re inspired by the latest aesthetics or have a unique vision of your own, Gib-San Pools is here to turn your dream into reality. 

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