Modernize Your Current Pool

Remodel & Rejuvenate your Resort

Similar to your home, trends are ever changing for pools and landscaping. Investing in periodic remodels are necessary to keep your home’s value and appeal in tune with the marketplace. Even more importantly is the excitement and enjoyment you will experience with the pool and landscape remodel. Additionally, investing in new innovative technologies and the design curb appeal of your home will provide a healthy return on investment.

Modernizing a dated backyard design can be anything from a new surface finish or pool liner all the way to changing the pool shape. Design elements such as colours, textures, mood settings and features allow you to transform your backyard space. From lighting, fire bowls, water features to landscaping, the remodel design will make your backyard brand new again, ready to enjoy for decades to come. Innovative technologies like automation make swimming pool ownership easy. A swimming pool remodel is an exciting process.

Design Elements to Consider

Find inspiration for your backyard renovation. Our clients are always delighted at how, with the simple application of upgraded features and finishing’s around the pool, the transformation can be unrecognizable! For concrete pools, Pebble Tec offers many options for finishes from smooth finishes to textured as well as a wide range of colours to choose from. The selected interior finish of your pool provides aesthetics as the surface colours determine the water colour. Many years ago, these surfaces were simply painted, now we can apply plaster finishes that provide more durability, safety and quality. If the pools is vinyl, there is an amazing array of patterns and colours to choose from, all of which will provide a new pool appearance. Our designers can advise you about focal features such as fire pots, sheer descent waterfalls, sunning steps and cabanas.

Client Presentation | Realistic 3D Renderings

Our Design team created very realistic design renderings to provide a thorough concept for these client’s to visualize. The decision was to cut the pool to provide more entertainment space.

Remodel Refinements

While very similar to the original design concept, it was decided to build full length stairs rather than the side stair entry beside the attached spa. The clients loved the idea of having dedicated zones around the pool area and the reclaimed space to sit, sip and slip into the pool for a dip, all while admiring their waterfront views. Below is an example of the design process.

Remodel “Project Awesome” – Before & After

Featured below is a recent remodel completed by Gib-San Pools. The homeowners purchased a Gib-San Pool years back and when they moved to their new home that has an existing swimming pool they contacted us to remodel the old concrete pool to suit their needs. They requested that we revive the existing fire place and increase the pool size for their entertainment needs. In addition, we provided them with a covered area tied into the pool design, multiple seating areas, new interior finish, lighting, pool equipment, new entry stairs as well as much more. It was important that we tied in the rustic ranch environment into our design while also maximizing its west facing vista.

Remodel “Project Bravo” – Before & After

This beautiful pool was built by Gib-San Pools in 2004. The homeowners decided that with their two children at older ages, they would like to enjoy more adult entertainment space. With careful consideration, it was decided that this could be achieved by reducing the pool footprint to provide more patio space. The designers challenge was to convert some of the pool space to entertaining and lounging space between the home walkout and the shallow end.