A custom pool is like your home – it needs periodic renovations to keep it looking its best. With a little investment you’ll be amazed at how your enjoyment level increases – both in your pool’s fresh look and for its ease of operation.  Pool technology has come a long way in the last decade, with amazing water features and automated sanitation, cleaning, and control systems that minimize maintenance. We can revive your pool’s excitement with a basic resurface or a complete remodel integrated into the landscaping.

Custom concrete pool remodeling

One advantage of the custom concrete pool is you have more options available to you – even structural changes. New shapes, integrated spas, waterfalls, rock formations, patio decking and cantilevered coping can all be added to create a whole new dimension to your pool, yard, and patio. This type of investment increases the appeal as well as the equity of your home.

Start with a plan that captures your dream resort.  In that way, it’s like building a pool from scratch, but you will be using the efficiency of the base pool structure. Your remodeled pool will look and operate just like new.

Modernizing a pool will simplify its operation too. Upgrading makes sense, not only for aesthetics but for the functionality of a sound pool structure. New filtration and sanitizing systems, automatic covers and even in-floor cleaner systems are only a few of the many options available for a pool remodel. Combine these with a programmable control system and you’ll be amazed at how pool maintenance is minimized and operation is so much more energy efficient.

Even the pool finish can be upgraded to Pebble Tec natural stone pebbles. They have a smooth finish as well as a wide range of colors to choose from for an amazing new look. Say goodbye to repainting your pool, as this finish lasts a long time.   

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Custom vinyl-lined pool renovation

Adding WOW to a 27-year-old vinyl-lined pool!  

“It’s like a new pool!” While the basic shape of the pool didn’t change, the appearance sure did!   Talk about elevating it to a new class of pool!

The biggest change came from the stonework on the deck and creation of a stone wall with three sheer descent waterfalls. Gone is the brushed concrete that surrounds so many pools of the 1980s. While this concrete was functional it lacked character and looked tired. The irregular cut stones of the new deck overhang the pool edge giving it the appearance of a more expensive concrete pool.

The deck area was expanded by being creative with landscaping, insetting the deck lounges into the garden area surrounded by plantings.

“My wife loves the steps the most. It is easier to get in and out, and the kids love to play on these big semi-circular steps.  

“Personally, I love the overall stone look and the sound of water from the waterfalls that drowns out the sound of traffic and neighbors.”

Behind-the-scenes upgrades made a big difference.

  1. Pool walls are insulated to minimize heat loss and give a soft touch as well.
  2. Pump low-speed setting is so quiet you hardly know the Jandy pump is running. It is run in that mode most of the time except when vacuuming the pool. The power consumption is a fraction of a one-speed pump.
  3. The cartridge filter by Jandy doesn’t require backwashing and filters much finer particles than a sand filter.
  4. Multi-colour LED mood lighting is a nice added feature we didn’t have before.
  5. The Jandy heater is much faster than the old heater and more energy efficient.
  6. Remote control system. Most functions can now be turned on and off remotely by a water-proof handheld controller.
  7. The large curved steps by Kafko replaced the ladder for much easier entry and exiting. They are well used by children for playing on and adults as a sunning seat.

“New easy-entry steps replaced the ladder”


At Gib-San we plan the total environment. We provide you with one source management from design to landscaping for remodeling your whole backyard resort. Gib-San’s integrated approach is what makes it work – the pool and surroundings are designed to work together for a more exciting backyard than you’ve ever imagined. A pool remodel can entail structural changes such as altering the pool shape, adding stairs, spas, and sunning ledges or replacing the patio surface. When finished, you won’t believe it’s not a new pool.

Jason Dedels
Renovation Manager

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