Gib-San Pool & Hot Tub Centre is open year-round to support you

Gib-San is committed to helping you enjoy your backyard resort more with sparkling water in your pool and hot tub. We have the chemicals and advice you need and a wide selection of accessories from floating mats to toys and towels to help you enjoy your home more.


New Gib-San Water Care Products

poolstore-bottleThe water sample bottle details the
chemical category colour legend.

We are pleased to introduce our new Gib-San brand of water care products for swimming pools and hot tubs. We have always carried the best quality of chemicals and this tradition continues.  This Gib-San Heritage Quality is supported by our fifty years of experience servicing pools and gives us the confidence to put our name on them. 

We are committed to giving you Gentler Water and Simplified Water Care!  Our skin is our largest organ so it is important that your pool and hot tub water be gentle. Balanced water gentleness requires both high quality chemicals and proper application.  We will advise you on what water maintenance products are best for your specific pool or hot tub and how to apply them. To simplify the water care process we use different coloured flowers on our packages to colour-code categories and also use obvious descriptors instead of obscure product names so you know what they do.

As a society we spend billions on cosmetic skin care chemicals and yet often don’t pay attention to the quality of chemicals for our pool or hot tub water. We immerse ourselves in pool and hot tub water for extended periods of time. Selecting the Gib-San quality water care program that will achieve gentler water makes good sense for the wellness of you and your family.  

Click here for a brief overview of what the most common chemicals are for.

See tips on winterizing your pool. (video)  
Learn about the role Shock plays in pool maintenance. (video)

Water treatment of your pool or hot tub can be simple. Once a program for your pool or hot tub is established, you just need to follow its weekly regime. Using test strips you can test the water yourself every week, or more frequent in hot, rainy or heavy use times. It is a good idea to have us do a more detailed test once a month or if experiencing a persistent clarity problem.  Register in-store for our FREE Water Test Program and get FREE professional advice too!


Let pool cleaners do your dirty work!

There are two categories of pool cleaners from Kreepy Krauly to help you.

Sand Shark Suction Cleaner.  The Sand Shark hose attaches into the skimmer return pipe and is powered by its suction. It operates by taking advantage of water being vacuumed into the cleaner and back to the pool filter system. Larger debris is caught by the pump filter basket and smaller dirt is caught by the filter sand or cartridge. The cleaner works slowly around the pool, including up the walls. More information… 

Prowler Robotic Cleaners.  These are our most advanced and most powerful robotic cleaners powered with plug-in convenience,  no installation, no booster pump and no hoses. Its built-in filter further reduces use of your pool's primary filtration system lowering both energy costs and extending the life of both your pump and filter as well as the time between filter cleanings. It comes with its own storage cart and is easy to wheel away for storage.  Some models even have remote controls to steer the unit for spot cleaning! More information…

Things & “Blings” for more pool fun!

  • Relaxation mats & chairs
  • Exercise floats to add interest to your daily routine
  • Memories– Kids of all ages love diving games and toys to create lots of these
  • Things–Water goggles, towels and pretty much anything else for more pool fun.

The right tool does a better job

  • Safety hooks
  • Leaf traps
  • Poles & pole accessories
  • Skimmers & leaf rakes
  • Skimmer replacement baskets
  • Thermometers
  • Vacuum heads … and much more!  

Safety Covers - safer & look better

While better safety is the key reason for a safety cover, greatly enhanced backyard appearance runs a close second. With the safety cover stretched taught across the pool, the leaves blow off and there are no more ducks landing in early spring thinking it is the marshlands. The winter safety cover is strong enough to support a child or large dog if they venture onto the pool. Plan it now while you are thinking of it for fall delivery.


Solar blankets & reels

Keep in your pool heat on cool nights with a solar blanket to reduce wind evaporation. A solar reel will make it easier to reel in and out and store the blanket better when not in use.

Pool Equipment & Parts

We stock replacement pool pumps, o-rings, skimmer baskets, filters O-rings and many other pool and hot tub parts.

poolstore-superpumpWe recommend changing your pool pump to the Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump (VS). This can provide you with energy savings up to 80% over the traditional single speed one horsepower pump. The VS pump can be programmed to minimize its operating speed while providing proper pool circulation. Another big benefit is how quietly it runs. Your neighbours will love you for it! 

LEGACY Membership Program


Save on your pool chemicals and accessories purchases. The Gib-San LEGACY Membership program offers you savings with preferred pricing and optimizing your pool equipment performance and energy savings specifications. An annual heater inspection is included ... a $165 value. The Legacy Membership at only $299 is a good deal especially considering discounts on your purchases of pool chemicals and accessories plus potential savings on your energy bill. Optimizing your equipment performance can really reduce your energy consumption. A new variable speed pump alone may save you up to 80% your pump’s energy bill. Apply for a Legacy Membership Card.