Water Care Simplified

Water Care Simplified.

We are pleased to introduce to you our new Gib-San Heritage brand of water care products for swimming pools and hot tubs. Gib-San Heritage Chemicals have different colour-coded flowers on their labels for each chemical category so you can find them easier on the store shelf and in your storage shed. This list describes what each category does for your pool water maintenance.

Sanitizers (Pink)

By continually killing bacteria, a sanitizer keeps the water clean and safe for swimmers. This important role makes the sanitizer the most critical product in pool care. Sanitizing is the first step in the weekly pool maintenance program.

Oxidizers (Orange)

Oxidizing is the second step in the weekly maintenance of a pool. Oxidizers “shock” the water and chemically destroy the organic contamination introduced by bathers and the environment. Shocking improves and extends the life of the available sanitizer (chlorine, bromine), keeping the water clear and sparkling.

Algaecides (Blue)

Algaecide application is the third step in weekly maintenance programs. Algae are microscopic plants that grow in or around water and can be a very troublesome aspect of pool maintenance. The cost to remove algae can be significant. Prevention is by far the best way to fight algae.

Balancers (Yellow)

Balancers are essential to an effective pool maintenance program. By maintaining your pool’s alkalinity, pH and calcium you can protect your pool, the equipment and keep your sanitizer working effectively.

Water Enhancers (Purple)

Enhancer products help clear cloudy water and restore the sparkle to your pool water. Enhancers will also help your filter work more efficiently by acting as a coagulant to bind tiny particles together so they are easier for your filter to remove. Borates improve swimmer comfort and help maintain chemical effectiveness.

Cleaners (Green)

Cleaners remove scale, hard water deposits, scum lines and stains and extend the life of pool liners, covers, and filters. Put cleaning on your routine maintenance list and you will improve the appearance of your pool and equipment while extending its life.

Water Care Chemical Reference Sheet

This is a listing of the most frequently used water care products with a description of their application.

Bring a sample of your water for testing at the Gib-San Pools & Hot Tub Centre. We offer free professional water testing and application advice to our clients.

Water Care Chemical Videos


What a summer!

Wow that has been hot! We have all enjoyed our pools this summer. And its not over. Fall swimming can be just as enjoyable if you have a heater. Add a little Cover Free, a liquid pool blanket that reduces heat loss at night and windy fall days, so you can stretch your pool season.

Fall is also a good time to upgrade your equipment since the installation crews are generally not as busy and you are sure to be ready for next spring. New equipment technology is much more energy efficient. A variable speed pump can save you up to 90% on your pool pump operating cost. Plus there is a $400 rebate available from local hydro companies to encourage you to upgrade. Some conditions apply.

Now is the time to order your winter safety cover. Your yard will be safer and look better than using water bags to hold a big plastic sheet over your pool. It is much safer too since it can easily hold the weight of children or pets and there are no worries about them falling into a “pond” of soggy leaves. You will be amazed at how much better your yard will look. It stretches across your pool like a big trampoline custom fitting around rock waterfalls etc. Since it is custom made it is best to plan on ordering it now.

Fun in your backyard doesn’t end when you close your pool. Fall and winter is ideal for hot tubbing. This is the favourite time for a lot of Hot Tub owners … even in the worst winter storms! Come in and see our full range of Marquis Hot Tubs. We have a lot of models and will help you find one to suit your family lifestyle and budget.

We look forward to seeing you. And while you are here, don’t forget your pool winter closing chemicals. In the meantime … Swim for the Health of it!

Derrick Stricek, Store Manager


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