Please note that the following information is to serve as a guide to closing your pool. All homeowners should follow their pool manufacturers directions.

Top Pool Closing Tips for Beginners.

With the shorter days and cooler nights around the corner, now is the time to start preparing your pool for closing and ready for Winter hibernation. If you are new to the process and have decided to close the pool on your own, here is a quick list of some key steps to consider:

1. Check your equipment to ensure all is in good order. Including; winter cover, water bags, skimmer plugs, return jet plugs etc.
2. Bring in a water sample to our store to ensure the pool is properly balanced prior to closing. Adjust as needed.
3. Ensure you have the proper closing chemicals on hand – available for purchase at our store!
4. An air compressor or powerful shop vac to clean out ALL lines.
5. Remove any diving boards, ladders or other detachable items from the pool and store away
6. Lower the water level in the pool to just below the return lines
7. Disconnect pumps and filters and ensure all are drained completely (check your manufacturer’s manual for specific directions)
8. Any parts such as drain plugs should be stored in a bag, ready for easy access at opening
9. Clean and drain filters as required, salt cells etc. prior to closing for the winter
10. Your heater needs to be drained and lines blown out completely (check your manufacturer’s manual for specific directions)
11. We recommend a gizzmo be placed in your skimmer at closing – available at our store for purchase
12. All equipment should be covered with a tarp if outside for winter protection
13. Roll out the winter cover over the pool and secure with water bags OR install your safety cover.
14. Important – each pool is slightly different and you must follow each manufacturer’s closing directions

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