Which Line of Marquis Hot Tub Is Right For Me?

The Marquis Line Consists of 4 Series of hot tubs. This blog will give you an idea of difference between them.

The Signature Series

blog-marquis01If you or a member of your family have therapy needs, then this is the series of tubs for you!

  • Some models in the Signature Series use O.T Zone technology in Lumbar, Foot and Therapy Zones as well as the shoulders for the ultimate in a massage without the piercing force.
  • Other standard features include Ozone, which will allow you to use lower levels of Bromine or Chlorine in your tub while ensuring the water is sanitized.
  • An inline cartridge sanitizer and conditioning system is standard for the ultimate in convenience and water quality!
  • The outer cabinet is a maintenance free fiberglass based composite called Durashell which will look like new for years!
  • Another great feature of this series is that the base has a full wrap around vinyl tray that adds extra insulation and extra protection to keep pests out of the inner workings of your tub over time.

Click here to see the full Signature Series lineup and available options and colours!

The E Series

A great tub choice for total relaxation and entertaining for your family and friends! The e-Series features ergonomic seating and a well-engineered hydrotherapy system at a price point you are sure to love!  You can custom build your tub and add the features you need all the way up to a Bluetooth Audio System!   

Click here to see the full E Series lineup. 

The Vector 21 Series

blog-marquis02Check out the newest addition to the Marquis line of tubs.   These tubs feature laminar flow jet pods producing maximum water flow volumes and significant hydrotherapy benefits compared to conventional hot tub jets.

  • For adjustable flow – the Vector21 line also has Variable Velocity Valve Controls that allow you to go from 0 – 100%  of pump flow to specific seats at any time .
  • Constant Clean – is standard in the Vector21 series of tubs.
  • For inside installations – the compact V65L model is ideal with its 29” height that allows it to fit through most doorways
  • A big tub for 8 – If it’s a big tub you are after, consider the V94 that sits up to 8 people and has  a unique centre Geyser jet
  • The newest model for 6 – The newest member of the family is the V77L, a 6 person tub with a lounger ( Mode V94L also available with a lounger)

Click here to learn more about this exciting new hot tub line!

The Celebrity Series

Looking just for a more affordable family fun place to soak the day away and bring the family together? Consider one of the Celebrity Brand models. These more basic hot tubs offer outstanding value. 

Click here to learn more.

Environments Steps & Benches

Easy entry to your tub is guaranteed with the Environments series of steps and benches 

Click here to imagine the possibilities to make your tub the focal point of the backyard!

Derrick Stricek Store Manager

Derrick Stricek
Store Manager

I hope this blog adds a little more insight into the hot tub possibilities that await you from Gib-San Pools and Hot Tub Centre. We have a great selection of the models available to make it easy to compare the different features and prices to ensure you find the best hot tub to suit your family’s lifestyle and budget. 

Do, you have any questions or comments about this blog or Marquis hot tubs in general?

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