What makes Marquis a great hot tub brand?

home-callout-marquisThere are many choices of hot tubs out there and selecting the right size, brand and style for your family’s needs is very important. The following commentary and videos will give you a good overview of key features that make Marquis a great choice in hot tubs.

  1. INSULATION –  All the Marquis hot tubs Gib-San brings in have full foam insulation making them especially suited for the Canadian climate.  You will save on electricity plus enjoy a quieter tub so you can still carry on conversations even with the jets going full tilt!
  2. WET TESTING – Every Marquis hot tub and swim spa is wet tested before the insulation foam and outer cabinet are put on to ensure there are no leaks.  Some manufacturers’ only wet test a sample per production run, such as 1 in 20 tubs.
  3. PARTS – A Marquis Parts depot is in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) so you know parts are there when you need them.
  4. PERFORMANCE – Overall performance is second to none with such great features as:
    blog-marquis-hottubConstant Clean – Learn more about the superior benefits of the Constant Clean System to keep your water sparkling!  View here
    Zone Controls – Extra side jet controls allow you to control the water action easily from every seat in the tub
    H.O.T Zone Jets – “ Straight through “ plumbing for soothing massage action available on select models. Watch the video about Marquis’ Superior Hydrotherapy Features in the different lines including H.O.T. Zones
  5. MARQUIS STORY  – We encourage you to view this video on the “ Marquis Story” to get a better sense of why this employee-owned tub manufacturer is a great choice for you and your family!  As employee-owners they take great pride in the quality of hot tubs they produce.  View here >  
Derrick Stricek, Store Manager

Derrick Stricek, Store Manager

I hope this blog adds a little more insight into the hot tub possibilities that await you from Gib-San Pools and Hot Tub Centre. We have a great selection of the models available to make it easy to compare the different features and prices to ensure you find the best hot tub to suit your family’s lifestyle and budget.  Please feel free to contact me for assistance in understanding the options available.

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