It’s Spring: Time to open your pool! – Part 2: Chemicals

Okay now you are ready for the next step …  Per the last Blog you’ve prepped the pool equipment, set the water level and got the pump and filter working so the water is circulating nicely.  Remember if you have an old but clean set of cartridges filter, use these at the early opening stage to filter out the worst of the winter dirt and then switch in your newer set once the water is clear.  If you have a sand filter, just remember you will have to watch the pressure gauge and do an earlier backwash to flush out the winter dirt.    

1. Time for the Pool Opening Kit

Come in to the store for up a Gib-San Pool Opening Kit if you haven’t already.  It contains Super Chlor, a stabilized fast dissolving granular chlorine product to establish a chlorine base, and Algaecide HD40 to get rid of green algae. This kit has enough opening chemicals for pools up to 80,000 litres.

This is good for opening salt pools too, since you still need to establish some chlorine in your pool until the chlorine generator is functioning.  The water is probably too cold to put salt in now.  Beware in taking a salt reading if the water is cold as it won’t give an accurate reading until the water is around 70°F / 21°C. You don’t want to over-salt the water.

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2. Run it & fine-tune it

Let the pool operate for 3 or 4 days with the opening chemicals and then bring a water sample into the Gib-San Store at 711 Kipling for a professional computerized water test.  Our professional test equipment checks more factors and to a higher standard than test strips. If you need a lot of adjusting, repeat the professional test in a couple of weeks or as advised by the testing technician.

3. Ongoing monitoring with test strips 

Monitor your pool water using Gib-San Test Strips once or twice a week depending on weather and bather load, and bring the water in for a professional “ fine-tuning” test every month.

NEW Gib-San Test Strips provide 7 professional tests … more than most strips!  

  • Total Chlorine or Bromine
  • Total Calcium hardness
  • Free Chlorine
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Ph
  • Stabilizer

Easy to read… just colour match at the “OK” marks!

Derrick Stricek
Store Manager

The next blog will cover “Keeping your Pool Balanced and Clear”

Do you have some stories to share about your pool opening experiences?  Email me at and I will put it in another blog post for all to benefit from!

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