The following action will help you avoid or cure a cloudy pool before a party and regain that special sparkle. Click on each of our Gib-San products below for videos with more detailed information!

Test the water to ensure it is chemically balanced both a week in advance and the day before the party. Bring your water in for professional testing if it has been a few weeks since last tested.

Shock the pool a day or two prior with Gib-San Crystal Clear Shock or Shock 2. This frees up the chlorine that gets chemically locked up with chloramines, for more effective chlorine sanitizing. This is especially important given a higher number of swimmers in the pool.

Clean your filter before the event. Backwash in the case of sand filters. If your cartridge filters have not been cleaned for a few weeks, soak them in Gib-San Filter Cleaner and hose them clean. This will lessen the chance of cloudiness and add more sparkle to the pool while improving the flow of water features such as sheer descents.

Clean the ring-around-the-pool with Gib-San Tile X for concrete pools or Gib-San Vinyl Plus for vinyl pools.

“Panic Situation” If the pool persists in being very cloudy a day or two before the event do the following; If the chlorine level is low, shock with Gib-San Super Shock to give it a significant chlorine boost and then add Pool First Aid. If the chlorine level is in the appropriate range just add Pool First Aid . This enzyme formula breaks down contaminants and is an effective clarifier.

Safety First
Always remind your guests about supervising the children around the pool. Direct adult supervision is essential to a fun and safe day of swimming!
Have a great party!