Some Points To Consider When Choosing A Hot Tub

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Congratulations! – So you and the family have decided to take the plunge and purchase a Hot Tub for the first time. There is no better all-round backyard water vessel that combines fun, health benefits, relaxation and a family bonding area which is so hard to come by with everyone’s hectic lifestyles these days. Swimming pools are great but Hot Tubs can be used year round making them ideal for our Canadian climate

If you choose your tub carefully, you and the family will have many years of enjoyment ahead of you with your hot tub. We have many customers who have owned their hot tub for 15 – 20 years and their tubs are still going strong!

So what criteria should you consider before choosing a brand or dealer?

First decide what you and the family want to get out of your Hot tub. Some questions to ask yourselves are:

  • Will we mainly be using the tub for Leisure and relaxation?
  • Is Family Fun a priority? Entertaining a group?
  • Does one of us have chronic muscle aches and stiffness or other health issues that would benefit from a great combination of Hydrotherapy Therapy jets and comfortable tub seating?

Once you have narrowed down what you want to get out of your tub, then you can pick a model and size of tub within your budget.

gallery_318_file1_06mancomfortsmhome-callout-marquisPhysical size is important so it fits in your available space as well as suits your family needs. If the tub is only to be used by 2 people for instance, and entertaining other guests is probably not going to happen, then why get a 5- 6 person tub when a 2 – 3 person tub is all you need?  A smaller tub is generally less expensing to maintain when it comes to chemicals and electricity as well!

Derrick Stricek, Store Manager

Derrick Stricek, Store Manager

Wish to discuss some possibilities and options?  Email me below to set up a time to review your options and to have a wet test.  We have 4 series of hot tubs from the economical to the ultimate in quality and features. This allows you to comparison shop with the convenience of your options being only feet apart.   Now that’s convenience! 

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