What Do You Mean I Need To Drain My Water???

poolstore-bottleYour Hot Tub water may look clean, but the fact is water picks up contaminants from the environment, our bodies and bathing suits. Over time the ability of the water to hold  chemicals in suspension to properly do their job becomes diminished.

A good rule of thumb is to change the water every 3 months or so to keep your water crystal clear and safe. Many of our customers schedule quarterly water change reminders in their calendars.  Just as you say “Every Saturday morning I will balance my tub”, you should schedule water changes so you not have to fight the elements in the winter months. A good schedule is to pick set dates for December; March; June; September.

We suggest you test your water once a week with test strips and come see us once a month for a professional Digital Computerized Water Test.  This is free of charge when you buy chemicals from us. We also test your TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) when we do a water test to give you an indication if it’s time to change your water, or if you can wait a bit longer.  Do you have a Gib-San Water Test Sample Bottle?  Ask for one–its free!)  

Before you empty your tub be sure to keep it heated and use Swirl Away, a biofilm cleaner that ensures your plumbing lines stay unclogged and free from potentially hazardous bacteria. Think about it this way: “You’ve brushed your teeth but you didn’t floss, so you still have all that bacteria there.” Same with your hot tub isn’t it? Swirl Away will do a thorough cleaning. Make sure you remove your filter before adding Swirl Away to your water and follow the directions on the bottle.

See the attached Hot Tub Fresh-Fill Starter Sheet (PDF) on what to initially add to your fresh water.  You will need to do some basic balancing after adding your Bromine or Chlorine.  Once you’ve added the basic chemicals we recommend you come in for a professional Digital Water Test and we can fine tune things for you so you are in great shape for another 3 months.

Derrick Stricek
Store Manager

Have some stories to share about changing your water or looking for specific directions on emptying and filling your tub? Email me at derrick@gsplc.ca and I will put it in another blog post for all to benefit from!

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