Going Away This Winter? Don’t Forget Your Hot Tub!

Nothing like a winter vacation to a warmer climate. If at March break or before make sure your hot tub will be ready for you when you come back!  The most important thing to consider if the temperature is going to be below freezing is that the heater stays on. 

We suggest lowering the temperature 10 degrees if you are away more than 7 to 10 days. In most cases, this will allow your system to keep a moderate temperature without uselessly using energy. Just remember you won’t be able to use the hot tub immediately upon returning home!

It’s also a great idea to inform a neighbour you are going away and ask if they could walk over every couple of days to ensure the tub is warm. If the power goes off they could ensure it restarts.  It can take as little as 24 to 48 hours for a tub to freeze up which will lead to costly repairs should the equipment and fittings burst from ice!

Wi-Fi.  For peace of mind consider getting a Wi Fi unit installed if your tub is set up for it. Marquis tubs allow easy aftermarket Wi Fi add on for $395.00 plus installation. This allows you to monitor your tub on your smartphone and check and adjust temperature and settings. Great to not only keep an eye on your tub but also to raise that temperature remotely for when you return so you can jump right in! 

It’s also a good idea to balance your water before you leave.  Come see us at Gib-San for a computerized water test so you know what chemicals to add. It’s also suggested that you add a little extra bromine/chlorine to ensure you still have some sanitizer in the tub toward the end of your trip. A little prep before means less work when you return!

Derrick Stricek
Store Manager

Enjoy your winter hot tubbing over the holidays. Have some stories to share about your winter Hot Tubbing?  Email me at derrick@gsplc.ca.  We will be sharing some of these in future blogs for all to benefit from!

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