As we head into the hazy, lazy days of summer… please take a moment to review all safety elements around the pool. Here are some quick tips:
  • Check all backyard fences and pool gates. All gates should close securely behind you.
  • Any door or window that leads to the pool should have additional locks that are not reachable to young children
  • Swimming lessons are a life skill for all children and adults alike. Enroll!
  • Never leave any child unattended in or by the pool
  • Ensure you have enough Personal Floatation Devices for children and guests
  • Don’t be shy about asking other adults to watch while the kids are in the pool.
  • Hire a Lifeguard when you have larger parties to ensure all swimmers are safe
  • Do not leave toys out on your pool deck when not in use
  • Inspect your pool daily to ensure there are no hazards
  • If your pool is cloudy and you cannot see the bottom – do not allow anyone to swim until clear
  • For more tips visit … Splash and be Safe Water Safety for Kids