Pool Features

Pool shape & key features

Determining a pool shape is the next decision after deciding on the type of pool … concrete or vinyl. There are hundreds of pools shown in the Photo Gallery to help you determine what you like and what will work with your backyard and home setting. Pool shape is personal preference, however; our designers may provide you with insight on shapes after visiting your property to see the home architecture and backyard space.

For Gib-San to custom design a pool for you we need to understand your interests, lifestyle, and yard limitations. Will it be a formal or natural pool, a rectangular or free-form shape? What type of entry steps? Will it have a waterfall, fountains a feature wall? All these features impact the shape and sense of formality of the pool.

Water & pool features

Every Gib-San pool is unique. Choose from a wide array of options for your pool, from easy-access steps to special water features such as waterfalls, fountains, and vanishing edges that not only please the eye but create music with the soothing sound of water.

Jumping rocks add enjoyment – Large stone slabs have virtually replaced diving boards and slides because of better aesthetics and improved safety.

Pool steps are more than just a point of entry – Even vinyl lined pools can have steps that provide more lounging area with massage jets and a play area for small children. A Gib-San consultant will help choose these options.

Coping options – A wide variety of materials come into play for custom concrete pools. Coping for vinyl-lined pools has changed also with a multi-track option for attaching a winter cover and also colour options of grey or white.

Vinyl liner pattern – If you are getting a vinyl-lined pool you have a wide variety of liner patterns to choose from. Refer to the “Pool Types – Vinyl Lined Patterns” section.

Water and fire features enhance your backyard experience

We simplify this for you by making you aware of your options for key features along with our recommendations. It is our priority to determine your wants and needs in order to provide you with a design that captures your vision. The following is a brief overview of some of these considerations.


Pool Equipment & Accessories

Gib-San looks after your equipment recommendation based on experience, performance requirement and your budget consideration. Pool equipment technology and innovation has advanced significantly to automate many pool operations and provide greater energy efficiency, while optimizing healthy sparkling clear water.

Primary Operating System – The pump and filter specifications are matched to your pool’s requirements. This may vary depending on specific pool requirements.

  • We recommend cartridge filtration because it has much finer filtering than sand filtration, and does not require backwashing.
  • A variable-speed pump is our preference for both energy efficiency and quietness.
  • An energy efficient heater is always recommended as part of the equipment package for maximizing the season, your comfort and saves you money!

Water Management Systems – The recommended technology for sanitizing pools is a UV or Ozone system with a low chlorine or bromine dispensing system. The same way that bottled drinking water is produced. We will advise you of the pros and cons for your specific pool. We do not recommend salt pool chlorine generating systems on new pools now, but we will service existing systems.  These water treatment systems are both Human and Pet Friendly due to very low chlorine and no salt levels that can irritate our skin. Our goal is to provide our clients with the experience of swimming in bottled water.

G3 Gib-San Branded Equipment – Gib-San prides itself on the quality of our pools. By private branding our equipment line we can control the quality and performance of our pumps, filters and automation equipment. We select products that provide our clients with peace of mind and quality operation. More Information (PDF)

Operations Control Systems automate and simplify operations and can make most functions remote-controllable from inside the house. In fact, we can install a system that allows you to control your pool operation from outside the country or for us to monitor for you.

Pool cleaning options simplify maintenance as well – from suction and powered systems to complete in-floor cleaning systems where water jets pop up from the floor to direct the dirt to the drain.

Automatic covers provide year-round function with push button convenience. In the summer it stops evaporation to reduce both water and heat loss, while providing more safety. In the winter it is a winter cover, keeping debris out of the pool while providing more safety for children and pets. The key reasons why automatic covers are a wonderful feature is for: safety of pets and children, heat retention and keeping all debris and leaves out of the pool.

Seasonal winter covers – A Gib-San consultant can advise you on the merits of the two cover options that are available.

Winter safety cover stretches across the pool like a custom trampoline virtually eliminating the need to remove water-soaked leaves. It looks better and provides more safety, even for pets, all winter long.

The traditional winter cover sits on the pool water and is held in place by the coping track or by water bags. This is an economical option.

Fitness accessories – Volleyball and basketball net systems add hours of family fun and can be set into the decking with easy setup and removal options.

Entry-assist support railings – Customized pool-entry areas and railings can be added for seniors and rehabilitation exercising.

In-pool lighting co-ordinated with garden lighting – Lighting enhances both the beauty and safety of your backyard setting. Choose from bold white to mood-shifting colour-sequencing LED lighting to enhance any entertaining mood.



Select fencing for safety, privacy, and aesthetics – Fencing must meet certain safety standards to restrict access from outside the backyard, and in Toronto from the house to the pool as well. Gib-San design and build consultants will advise you on the specifics for your backyard situation.

To see a variety of fencing options refer to the “Photo Gallery – Yard Accessories – Fencing” section. It shows you a wide variety of materials and appearances available that will greatly enhance the beauty of your backyard environment while providing privacy at the same time.


Most regulations are community specific. We will advise you of regulations for your specific community. The following are two regulations specific to Toronto.

Toronto fencing by-law – The by-laws regulating fencing of the pool area were significantly revised in 2008. For details, click here (PDF)

Toronto water disposal by-law – The by-laws regulating the discharge of pool and spa water into storm sewers places significant restrictions and potential fines for doing so. This impacts those with salt water pools. For details, click here.