Gib-San Custom Concrete Pool – Fast Facts


Gib-San is thrilled to be building this beautiful concrete pool for this Princess Margaret Dream Home! Gib-San has been building pools for facilities and families nationally and internationally for over 50 years. Our company is proud to announce that it has been ranked 16th in the top 50 pool builders in the world by Pool and Spa News Magazine (U.S. Publication, 2016) – the only Canadian company to make the list!


The uniqueness of the concrete (shotcrete) shell is that is it monolithic and hand crafted. The shell is shot with high velocity air and concrete before being hand-trowelled to prepare for tile and the plaster application. A Gib-San concrete pool is highly sought after for its architectural and structural beauty. This pool at the Princess Margaret Dream Home is built to last generations to come.


The upper interior of the pool is lined with a beautiful 12” by 24” polished porcelain tile that simplifies maintenance and is ascetically pleasing. The interior of the pool is finished with the incredible “French Grey” Pebble Tec Pebble Sheen; the most luxurious and durable finishes available in the marketplace currently. PEBBLE TEC finishes are ideal not only for their appearance but also because of their high level of premium quality. Pebble Sheen offers a durable non-slip and stain resistant surface.


This custom Gib-San system uses the latest technology and innovation with pumps, filters, lighting and sanitation to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective way to operate a pool. An energy efficient system saves energy, conserves water and reduces noise. This pool is equipped with a variable speed pump as well as a venturi skimmer to provide substantial energy savings. The choice of a venturi skimmer allows for twice the cleaning power over standard skimmers without increasing the energy consumption. The cartridge filter provides the best purification in the industry as it captures the highest level of particulate.
An automation system allows for optimal energy efficiency by automating and synchronizing equipment scheduling as well as ease of use at your fingertips. The automation system’s operation can be remotely controlled and monitored offering the ultimate in serviceability. The LED lighting makes poolside evenings go from great to spectacular. The lighting on this pool is the brightest and most efficient LEDs available.

The sanitation system is second to none – Paramount’s Ozone and UV technologies drastically reduce your need for heavy chlorination. The end result is a cleaner and clearer swimming experience for your family with no harmful by-products. This system is like swimming in bottled water.

We are pleased to congratulate you on your Gib-San pool and the entire Gib-San team wishes you a lifetime of memories and happiness in your very own backyard resort.