Kreepy Krauly® Sand Shark Suction Cleaner

retail_sandsharkThe Sand Shark hose attaches into the skimmer return pipe and is powered by its suction. It operates by taking advantage of water being vacuumed into the cleaner and back to the pool filter system. Larger debris is caught by the pump filter basket and smaller dirt is caught by the filter sand or cartridge. The cleaner works slowly around the pool, including up the walls.

Features include:

  • No assembly required. Just attach to hose and go.
  • Devours everything in its path from dirt, sand, pollen, leaves, twigs and insects, while helping to scrub away algae, loose scale and soft calcium deposits.
  • Adjustable regulator valve and free-flow gauge let you set just the right cleaning speed to assure the most effective cleaning possible.
  • No annoying wheels, diaphragms or bags to empty and replace.
  • Two-year limited warranty. See warranty for details.